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California State Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to AMS 7th graders Clara Mangali and Katie Champion!

At the California State Science Fair held April 24th and 25th Clara's project, Sweet from Glucose to Ethanol, came in 4th in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology category.

Katie's project, Growing Potatoes without Allergans, came in FIRST PLACE in the Plant Biology category. Katie is beginning the process of having her project accepted into the National Science Fair. It is a very selective process and only 30 projects ultimately will be chosen from across the country. Hopefully Katie will be representing California and American Martyrs.

Again, congratulations girls!
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LinC Small Faith Groups

If you are connected, doing life together, praying and learning about God together, it is impossible to stumble without someone being there to help you get back up! LinC Faith Sharing Groups provide a way for Christians to live out their faith in real life...together.
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