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The purpose of CJSF is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship. Honor membership earns a gold seal placed on the graduation diploma. 

CJSF (7th & 8th ONLY)

Earn three “A’s,” one “B,” and no letter grade lower than a “C” for the given trimester’s academic classes of literature, English/language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Earn an “A” or “B” in conduct for the trimester.

Students must submit to the CJSF folder this application (see link at the bottom of this page) signed by the student and his/her parent by 3:30 pm on the posted due dates. Due dates are listed below, on the school calendar, and posted here on the website.

First Trimester Due Date:  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20. 3:30pm.

Second Trimester Due Date:  THURSDAY, MARCH 12. 3:30pm.

Third Trimester Due Date:  THURSDAY, MAY 28. 3:30pm.

Honor membership will be given to those students who have qualified for four trimesters. One of those trimesters must be the last trimester of 8th grade. A gold seal is placed on the diploma to show Honor Membership and noted on their cumulative record.

Membership cards will be given to any student member.

CJSF Service
In compliance with CJSF Regulations as set fourth by the Board of Directors of the state-wide organization, American Martyrs School will no longer be requiring CJSF service as a condition for membership. Students will be accepted based on their academic merit, however, students who would like to remain "active" members of CJSF must complete certain number of meetings and service requirements (See below). Meeting days will be announced. Please check with the CJSF advisor.

Levels of Membership
Active: To be considered an active CJSF member, students must work towards the betterment of the AMS community through community service projects. These projects can support the school or a parish organization. In addition to community service, active members are expected to attend CJSF meetings on a regular basis.

Inactive: CJSF members who complete the academic requirements are automatically considered inactive unless they do community service and attend CJSF meetings.