Credo of Catholic School Education

We believe that Catholic School education is:

A steppingstone to a better and faith-filled way of life

A preparation for young people to handle the challenges of this world in a Christ-like manner  
essential to the life of the Church-at large.

A gift to the Church and to the world.

A spiritual lifeline in a complicated, challenging world

A way to educate the whole person for service in a world so desperately in need of kindness, compassion, and otherness

An important opportunity for society to experience God's call

Our vocation and our charism

A privileged means of building community among students, faculty, parents, and parish vital to the future of the Catholic Church

A way to transform and empower tomorrow's leaders to act justly, love tenderly, and 
walk humbly with God

A Faith journey... A Hope journey... A Love journey.
Posted: 2/4/2015