Why AMS?


Welcome to American Martyrs School! It is my hope that as you explore the various programs and facilities at our wonderful campus, the true spirit of AMS is conveyed to you. We are a school with extremely high academic standards and we are very proud of the success of our students in that area.

American Martyrs is more than simply high academics.  Our Catholic faith is the focus of our work and it both centers us and drives us forward here at the school. As a faith community, AMS strives to provide each student with a rich academic background, an appropriate sense of self, an opportunity for growth, a commitment to family, community, nation, and world, and a respect for the spiritual dignity of all persons.

American Martyrs recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility to educate their children. In partnership with them and the larger AMS community, the faculty and staff endeavor to develop all students’ spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical potential. We believe in continuous growth and seek to challenge all constituents to view learning as our obligation as children of God.

I encourage you to ask current students, families, alumni, and staff about the spirit that is present at American Martyrs. This is a special place, of which we are extremely proud. We look forward to continued growth as we excel in our mission “to foster Catholic leadership and community service… as we prepare our students to become productive and socially conscious citizens in a global and technical world.”

Kristopher Knowles, Ed.D.