Pony/Kindergarten Program


Pony Program


The world of a four/five-year-old is a world of exploration, discovery, and wonder. At American Martyrs we believe in nurturing this natural inclination by providing a joyful, stimulating, and reassuring atmosphere.


Pony (Pre-Kindergarten) provides a bridge between preschool and kindergarten. This year lays an important foundation for formal education. Pony students must will have experiences that will prepare them socially and academically for success in elementary school. With a hands-on, developmentally based curriculum, your Pony student will increase his/her thinking and problem-solving skills. It is our goal to promote growth in every area of your child's development so that he/she will be ready for kindergarten.


Kindergarten Program


The Kindergarten program builds on the academic and social experiences of preschool and Pony.  We offer a full day program providing the students with a rich environment for growth while following the California State Standards, Common Core standards as well as Archdiocesan guidelines.  Our curriculum uses the basic beliefs of our Catholic faith as the foundation.  These beliefs aligned with the SLE’s of Faith, Excellence, Service and Integrity are woven through all of our lessons.  Building on this foundation, the curricular programs used in Kindergarten are: Everyday Math, Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Workshop, Building Blocks of Science, and Planet Bravo (for technology).  The children also have the privilege of participating in Spanish, PE, STEM Lab, Music and Library weekly.  We value providing the students with opportunities to become independent, life-long learners.