NCEA 2009 Outstanding Board

It is with much pride that I announce that the National Catholic Education Association has chosen the American Martyrs School board as one of the nation’s 2009 Outstanding Boards. The award was based on the hard work and expertise of the Board and the leadership provided by Monsignor Barry, Kevin Baxter, Wendy McLaughlin and Lynn Messenger. 

Much has been accomplished by the Building and Grounds, Development, Finance and Policy and Planning committees of the School Board. The Building and Grounds Committee continues to forecast repair and maintenance requirements of the school property with its computerized maintenance programs. The Committee has also been an integral part of the expansion of the school plant. The Development Committee continues to gather information for the alumni database, facilitate alumni reunions, issue semi-annual alumni newsletters and create a website link for the exchange of alumni information. As you’ve seen in the local press, the Committee coordinates press releases for the various school activities. The Committee also continues to update the press kit, created by the Committee for use as a marketing tool. The Finance committee analyzes and monitors the school budget on an ongoing basis. In order to improve teacher retention and to maintain the high quality of the teaching staff, the Committee completes a periodic analysis of teacher compensation and benefits and communicates the findings to the Board. In addition, the Committee communicates the availability of and the application process for financial aid to school families. The Policy and Planning Committee continues to work with the pastor, principal, parishioners, teachers and community to implement the Inclusion Program. The Committee has contributed to hiring a part-time Inclusion Coordinator, providing inclusion training to teachers, making on-campus speed and occupational therapy available, and building a resource library of over 180 items which are widely used by school, staff and families. 

I am proud to be a part of the Board and to work with the outstanding members of the Board, and congratulate all of them for their contributions to the staff, faculty and children of American Martyrs' School. 

Cathy Grove 
School Board President