Lost And Found


Where is the AMS Lost & Found Cart Located?

The main "AMS L&F Cart" is located outside, under the covered walkway, protecting it from direct-overhead weather.  It is centrally located on our AMS property, adjacent to the Pre-K Pony Room, nearest our gathering area for morning assembly.  It is accessible for retrieval by a student or parent any time the campus grounds are open.

Note: there is a secondary L&F Cart located inside our AMS' Gym entrance.  The "Gym L&F Cart" is NOT managed by our "AMS L&F Cart" Program volunteers.  But, it is checked daily for any lost AMS school uniforms, which are then brought over to our main "AMS L&F Cart" for your convenient retrieval.  (FYI - The "Gym L&F Cart" typically holds items lost inside our Gym Facility & Gym Bathrooms by visiting sports teams and their families.  But, this location is worth checking if you've not found your lost item at our main cart.)

How Does the AMS Lost & Found Program Work?

After school each day, student volunteers collect and deposit lost items on our main "AMS L&F Cart", which are found throughout the grounds of our AMS Campus, as well as lost AMS school uniforms retrieved from the Gym L&F Cart.  A color-coded tagging system is in place to ensure that all found items remain on the "AMS L&F Cart" for approximately three weeks.  At the end of the third week, all unclaimed items are pulled from the cart to be recycled via resale or donation.  Items on our AMS L&F Cart range from AMS school uniforms and regular street clothing, to lunch boxes, books, notebooks, musical instruments, sports gear and various other MISC items found on our school grounds.

(FYI - Items that are lost inside our main school buildings, classrooms, hallways and bathrooms are NOT retrieved by our L&F Volunteers.  This is due to standard AMS' policies, which are in place to keep students and property safe and secure after school hours.)

How Does Our AMS Lost & Found Program Benefit Our School Community?

The L&F Program helps keep our school neat, clean and presentable to campus visitors.  It provides a main location for AMS students and parents to recover an item lost on our school grounds.  With your support, the L&F Program also offers an opportunity to learn about being responsible for one's belongings.  With your encouragement and example, it provides a great chance to do a "good deed" for a friend or fellow student, by returning their lost item directly to them.  Additionally, our program provides a working example of how recycling, via the resale or donation of unclaimed items, can benefit many.  For example; unclaimed gently used uniforms are offered at resale prices in our AMS Library throughout the year.  The funds raised by this effort assist in the purchase of additional books and materials for our AMS Library.  Our L&F Program also reinforces how the gift of charity through donation, can benefit those less fortunate; as unclaimed items, not selected for resale, are donated to our sister school, St. Lawrence of Brindisi of Watts or to our local Goodwill Donation Center, which benefit the less fortunate.  Last but not least, our L&F Program allows us to show respect for our wonderful AMS Custodial Staff.  As with the inception of this L&F Program our Custodians can focus fully on maintaining our beautiful school... not picking up after our kids.