At American Martyrs School, our math program is designed to move learners from conceptual understanding towards mastery of a particular skill, and then connect the content to the student’s world today.


Kindergarten-6th Grade


Our K-6 mathematics program follows McGraw-Hill’s Everyday Mathematics, a comprehensive elementary math program that provides visual, interactive and digital learning experiences. Students strive to show mathematical computational fluency, employ a variety of problem-solving strategies and demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematical thinking.


7th-8th Grade


7th grade Pre-Algebra reviews arithmetic skills and expands on these skills through algebraic applications.  8th-grade Algebra focuses on algebraic skills. Students explore algebraic concepts through interpreting real-world data.  Groupings in 7th and 8th grade allow for a variety of course offerings ranging from foundational to accelerated. Graduating students place in classes ranging from Algebra to Geometry Honors depending on ability and high school curriculum requirements.